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Donnie Darko MaskIt’s very easy to acquire a Donnie Darko mask at a rock bottom price especially if you choose to stop by and shop at this Halloween. This merchant carries some of the best and most popular fancy dress and Halloween costumes there are for sale today and all of them are at rock bottom, low prices. As well as the mask they do some fantastic deals on Donnie Darko Costumes  as well, if you’re paying for the mask then you may as well push the boat out and treat yourself to the full Donnie Darko Costume.

If you are attending any sort of party or Halloween event then a Donnie Darko mask is a fantastic and affordable way to turn up and stand out from the crowd. This is your chance to own a perfect official replica of the Donnie Darko Frank the Bunny Rabbit mask seen in the menacing 2001 thriller, a film which still to this day remains a cult classic amongst it’s followers.

This fantastic menacing halloween mask includes a full overhead rabbit mask which comes in ‘one size fits all’ and is suitable for all ages. The mask features the full freaky white eyes and scary looking teeth which have many a time set fear into the hearts of those who watched the original film back in the day.

This  scary bunny rabbit mask doesn’t have to be worn alone, it would be perfectly matched with a black cloak or home-made gown of some kind, then you can REALLY start haunting your friends with your menacing costume.

Dress yourself in a scary Donnie Darko Mask and enjoy the frights you’ll give your fellow party goers look you’ll achieve!

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If you are looking to achieve an even better look this Halloween and you have a slightly higher budget, then why not opt for a full Donnie Darko Costume?

This costume is a full head to toe official replica of that used in the 2001 movie and is a great way to haunt your friends. The full costume comes complete with the frank bunny mask, the full ‘head to toe’ bunny suit and the fury gloves. The mask is the exact same one as that detailed above and boasts the huge ears, menacing white eyes and freaky white teeth. The suit is a full length costume and will fit most adults, the suit has attached rabbit gloves which add to the overall effect. The only thing you will need is a pair of black shoes but then we all have those, right?

Go that little bit further and dress to scare with a fantastically freaky Donnie Darko Costume!

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Who Is Donnie Darko?

Donnie Darko was a psychological fantasy thriller movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal which was released back in 2001 and has developed a cult following of movie fans ever since.

The Donnie Darko mask, or Donnie Darko Frank Mask as it’s often referred, was the mask of one of the films most menacing and frightening characters, Frank the rabbit!

The Context of the DonnieDarko Rabbit AKA Frank the Bunny Rabbit

Donnie Darko first meets Frank the bunny when he is awaken during the middle of the night by his voice outside, Frank tells Donnie that the work will end in 28 days, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. Whilst Donnieis outside talking with Frank an airoplane engine crashes through the roof of Donnie’s house landing in his Bedroom, but because Donnie is outside with Frank he survives the incident. According to the film director, this is the point at which an alternate and tangent universe is created.

Frank then goes onto manipulate and guide Donnie’s actions throughout the entire film as the manipulated dead until Donnie ends up killing Frank by shooting him through the head, something Donnie was always destined to do in order to save the primary universe.

A full explaination of Donnie Darko can be found here, there is far more detail and the Donnie Darko film is broken down step by step. Essentially the entire story, although complex, can be explained by reading Roberta Sparrow‘s Philosophy of Time Travel which details pretty much ever phenomenon you see throughout the move. In fact after reading this, it wwas like it all clicked into place for me and the whole thing just made a lot more sense.